rain on down


I’m so tired of this storm
The wind keeps knocking me around
And I could stay inside and watch the telephone wires

But I prefer to make my way on down
To your bar

I’m so tired of this storm
My socks are soaked, the dryer’s out
And I keep hearing there’s no talk of it letting up

So I’ll walk
Trudge along
Find a seat at your bar
And drown myself in whiskey so you’ll talk to me
It’s pouring down

I’m so tired of this storm
The window’s cracked and thunder claps
As I throw back another round you fill me up

You fill me up

I’m so tired of this storm
The stranger sighs and bows his head
I’m stuck inside and I’m collecting bottle caps

Oh son, why don’t you make your way on home

I’m so tired of this storm
The wind keeps knocking me around
And I could stay or make my way on home

I’m so tired of this storm
The wind keeps knocking me around
But I could stay

At your bar

*if you know who owns this photo, please let me know so i can credit!


see the forest for the trees


Today’s home and garden slide show is a total delight for anyone who covets whimsy and practicality. Roald, will you build me a tree house too, please?

and the truth has a habit

Backstage Sessions : The Swell Season – “In These Arms”

Heartbreakingly sweet video of Glen Hansard singing In These Arms off The Swell Season’s Strict Joy. I’ve been a big fan since Once, but you know how sometimes some things come into your life (or the cd display deck at Starbucks) at the exact moment you need them? That’s kind of what happened with this album and me.

cincuenta y dos

So I have this little passion project that I hope to slowly unroll as this blog gets going. It’s about religion, community, and how both shape identity in America. I’m not religious and am so fascinated by the role that religion plays in many, many people’s lives. I’m looking forward to exploring this.

For inspiration, I’ve been collecting sweet and comforting, and/or thought-provoking words of god, for god, questioning god, or words about finding “god” by another name. I’m going to start sharing them here.

my flickr

Psalm 143:8
Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning,
for I am trusting you.
Show me where to walk,
for I give myself to you.

found via Emily O Photography

le poisson!

Have you sixteen euros I can borrow so that I may buy this fish? I just stumbled upon envelop.eu, an amazing Etsy-like shop that’s EU based and completely dedicated to “illustrated cotton basics”. I love illustrated cotton basics! And this poisson. And THIS poisson.

After a mini-break (oh life, thank god for strength and courage), I’m back! Currently listening to Cumberland Gap (who I discovered via Pandora’s Avett Brothers station), sipping a soy latte in a red christmas cup!, and working hard through my lunch hour. Ok, not that hard.

The way I want to spend my “winter” days. Though the line’s a little thin, I’m loving Quikilver’s updated, sophisticated look for Women’s. What snuggy alternative do you wrap yourself in when November hits?

but you keep telling me this fence that pins me in,
it isn’t there at all.

you say baby, trust me, you could walk right through, right to me
you can take my hand and we’ll go on our way