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When I was growing up, Christmas in my house had one constant: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We watched it without fail, every year, until around the time I hit high school.

This year, I’m going to start watching a Wes Anderson movie on Thanksgiving. I love the families he creates; dysfunctional, delusional, loving. I’m going to start with The Life Aquatic.

Have you heard the soundtrack, full of Bowie tracks recreated beautifully by Brazil’s Seu Jorge?



and the truth has a habit

Backstage Sessions : The Swell Season – “In These Arms”

Heartbreakingly sweet video of Glen Hansard singing In These Arms off The Swell Season’s Strict Joy. I’ve been a big fan since Once, but you know how sometimes some things come into your life (or the cd display deck at Starbucks) at the exact moment you need them? That’s kind of what happened with this album and me.

that girl is hot (she’s so hot)

Benji Hughes always helps me through my Wednesday.

It’s just a jambox i don’t play it that loud
It’s hard for me to get what all the fuss is about
If I’m ever rocking out too hard
Why don’t you knock on my door?
Isnt’ that what neighbors are for?


Ashton Kutcher tweeted their single ladies cover, but this Northern California duo had my heart at La Vie En Rose.