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A Ressurection!

I won’t even look at how long it’s been. Suffice to say, I’m back.

cumberland island, may 2010


corey presha

Corey Presha

Corey is an talented young photographer with an amazing eye for capturing the Everyday and making it iconic. If you like The Sartorialist, you’ll appreciate Corey’s work. Instead of on-the-street fashionistas, he highlights on-the-street Americans. Oh, and he was also my date to senior prom.

Corey is currently selling four prints at his photography blog Eye of Artists. Here he talks about photographers, artists, upcoming exhibits in New York, photography books, sites, and more. Really a great daily read for anyone who loves the art.

see the forest for the trees


Today’s home and garden slide show is a total delight for anyone who covets whimsy and practicality. Roald, will you build me a tree house too, please?

le poisson!

Have you sixteen euros I can borrow so that I may buy this fish? I just stumbled upon, an amazing Etsy-like shop that’s EU based and completely dedicated to “illustrated cotton basics”. I love illustrated cotton basics! And this poisson. And THIS poisson.

After a mini-break (oh life, thank god for strength and courage), I’m back! Currently listening to Cumberland Gap (who I discovered via Pandora’s Avett Brothers station), sipping a soy latte in a red christmas cup!, and working hard through my lunch hour. Ok, not that hard.

word nerd


I’m kind of in love with everything Rebekah makes and remakes – her home, her studio, her piiiiiie. On my very first visit to Wild Ink Press I entered my very first blog giveaway and freaking won! Which was amazing. This week I recieved in the mail – handmade with love, I can tell – beautiful stationary for my gentleman friend. The cards are thick and gorgeous but the envelopes are like little pieces of art!